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New markets

A couple of children’s fiction markets for you this month.  Crooked Cat is a small UK publisher accepting young adult fiction for its Silver range, up to a maximum of 90,000.  The bad news is that it is closed to submissions at the moment, but the website asks you to check back in January, so hopefully they are just going through a catchup period.  Worth keeping an eye on, I think.

Also, spotted in Writing Magazine this month, is the indie publisher My Little Big Town which is the brainchild of author/illustrator Calvin Innes.  Think Aliens Love Underpants rather than Princess Poppy and you’ll be on MLBT’s wavelength.  Submission guidelines are strict so follow them to the letter to get the best chance of being read.  Unusually, you should send the entire manuscript, and you should also print off a covering header sheet which can be downloaded from the website.  Do NOT submit by email!  (I’m guessing they are swamped.)  MLBT accept all sorts of genres and lengths, but looking at their site I would guess that picture books and chapter books (7-9) are the types of manuscripts you should send to this market.

Finally I would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas, and a successful and happy writing year for 2014.  My new year’s resolution is to have one morning a week dedicated writing time instead of snatching moments out of the day.  It will be bliss!  What’s your writing resolution for next year?