I’ve just stumbled across Shelfari, a new social networking community based around a virtual bookshelf where you can record the books you have read and are planning to read.  You can rate them, review them, join groups and discuss them.  I’m not sure if I can keep up with yet another social network – I’ve not even tackled Twitter yet – but I’ve been thinking  for some time that I wish I’d made a written record of every book I’d ever read (I know, anal aren’t I?) and now I can!  Selecting books through a search bar and marking them as Reading Now, Read, or Planning to Read produces a lovely little graphic like this which you can make appear on your blog:

book shelf

Unfortunately, because WordPress prevent users from inserting Java Script into their blogs, we WordPressians can’t display the full graphic, only a text list.  I’m hoping that will be rectified eventually.  Apparently there is a way to force WordPress to use Java but I can’t get my head round the science.

I’m planning now to record every book I read, tagging them by year read.  And if I see a book I’ve read in the past I’ll add that too.  Being  a Kindle user it will be nice to see books on my bookcase, even if they are virtual ones.

Shelfari can be found at