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A second outing for Derek at February Femme Fatales

If you like short, sharp horror or flash fiction of the fearsome kind, then take a visit to Lily Childs’ home on the web, Lily Childs’ Feardom.  Not only is Lily a brilliantly macabre author, but she also hosts a weekly flash fiction competition and the February Femme Fatales, a showcase of short horror writing from female authors who like to put themselves about a bit on the web.  If you’re feeling brave why not pay a visit – oh, and today the Femme Fatale just happens to be me!  Come and see what happened next to the hapless Derek in Death and Derek.  Happy reading.

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Femme Fatale for a Day!

It’s my turn to be the resident Femme Fatale on Lily Childs’ Feardom today and I shall spend it wafting around in vampy clothing giving out sultry killer looks and pouting. To read my contribution to this fabulously female-only dark fiction showcase, visit

Fun With Derek

Note the gravestone graphic at the end – thanks, Lily!

If you’re not already keeping up with February Femme Fatales, why not start now and get your daily chills delivered regularly from the Feardom.  Service with a scream!

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Frightful February!

February Femme FatalesIf you like all things deliciously dark then head over to Lily Childs’ Feardom* over the month of February.  She will be showcasing a different piece of female horror fiction on each day of the month, with yours truly appearing on Sunday 6 February with a skittish flash piece called Fun With Derek.

If you are a fan of online horror e-zines and indie anthologies you may have already enjoyed Lily’s work; if you haven’t come across her yet I recommend Dressing Up Box* as a ‘taster’ – do not read on a full stomach!

* Adult horror fans only, please.