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Hope is out there!

I’ve received a nice email from Cris at Pants on Fire Press which I’d like to share.  Pants on Fire are an American publisher but they are open to submissions from the UK, and have just signed their second UK author (hurrah!).

The book is The Vampire Cat by Antony Bowers Smith from Manchester.  Bernard is an ordinary house cat who, after an encounter with Max Von Strangfelt, is transformed into a vampire!

Cris says, “I hope this news will encourage your website readers and budding authors to not lose hope and to consider querying US publishers.”

So please be encouraged and keep submitting!

About Pants on Fire Press

Pants On Fire Press, located in Winter Garden, Florida, is an award-winning children’s book publisher of picture, middle-grade and young adult books. We publish big story ideas with high concepts, new worlds and meaty characters for children, teens and discerning adults. Disney is our heritage which is why we strive to follow a high degree of excellence while maintaining high-quality standards. Titles we publish will tell stories that entertain. At Pants On Fire Press entertainment is everything.

Note: they no longer accept picture book submissions.