Beware, Fangtales is coming!

Fangtales edited by Berni Stevens
Fangtales - coming out in October 2011 from Wyvern Publications

I am thrilled to be included in the latest Young Adult anthology from Wyvern Publications, coming out in October 2011.  I’ve just been sent a pdf of the cover, shown here, and it looks fabulous.  Wyvern are aiming to produce a new ‘tales’ anthology regularly; Mertales and Dragontales were the first.  Vampires are as popular as ever at the moment due to the talents of current authors like Stephanie Meyer, Darren Shan and LJ Smith – and of course the brilliant Anne Rice.  The editor of Fangtales requested traditional vampires rather than the shimmering, sensitive types so with Fangtales you are asssured of vampire fiction with a bite.  I can’t wait to read the other stories – and of course dress up in some vampire togs for the launch!