Free worksheets and resources

Please feel free to use the following resources.  Click on the image to view a pdf which you can download and print.  Have a browse through the activities and enjoy!  With thanks to my wonderful illustrators Tony Neal, Kate Chappell and Sophie Burrows.

character creation planning sheet
Create your own character, then write a story about them!
design a planet sheet
Fill in the sheet with details about the new planet you have found!
random plot creator sheet
Great fun!  Create options and throw the dice to make your own story.
Twisty tale planning sheet
Create your own tale with a twist, just like Turns Out I’m an Alien.
what do i want to be
What will George turn into?  A yeti or something else?  Pictures by Tony Neal.
what does a good friend do
Fill in the signs to show what a good friend is like.  Pictures by Kate Chappell.
what shape are the clouds today
What shapes are the clouds today?  Fill the sky with adventure!  Pictures by Sophie Burrows.
make a yeti collage
Can you make this Yeti the best you’ve ever met-I?  With apologies to illustrator Tony Neal.