Creaky stair.
Who goes there?
Phantom’s glare.
Monster’s lair –
Angry bear –
Talons tear –

Bad dream.
Horror scene!
Sharp fangs gleam,
Mouth obscene.
Demons stream,
Venting spleen.
Silent scream.
Bad dream!

Alarm clocks blare.
Grab schoolwear –
Skip dental care –
Homework scare –
Pages bare!
Teacher’s glare.


2 thoughts on “Poems

    1. Good question! Not many of them. Poetry is very difficult to place. I have heard it recommended that a good approach is to look at poetry collections in libraries and book shops and find out who the publishers are. You should then write introducing yourself with some samples and ask to be considered in their next collection. There may also be some children’s magazines like Aquila and Cricket that consider them – check out their guidelines. Some picture books are rhyming but this limits translation opportunities so there is less chance of being accepted if you have a rhyming manuscript. But it’s worth keeping an eye on publisher’s submissions guidelines in case anything comes up, particularly the smaller independents – see my list. Hope this helps!

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