Never Mind the Butler

A full length farce.  Desperate measures are needed to save the stately home of the Uppington family, but how drastic should they be?


Stanley Players 2015

Read online and apply for performance rights through Lazy Bee Scripts

Warm, Hot, Getting Hotter

A one act dark comedy, winner at Attic Theatre’s Playfest 2014.

Read online and apply for performance rights through Lazy Bee Scripts.

Potted Austen – Pride and Prejudice, Emma and Northanger Abbey

Jane Austen’s classic romantic comedies reduced to a burst of frantic activity and bonnet swapping.

Read online and apply for performance rights through Lazy Bee Scripts.

Pint Sized Plays

Brought to Book, Mr Robertson’s Blood Test and Room in the Womb were all winners at Pint Sized Plays annual international short play writing contest and have since been performed by various groups around the UK.  The first two can read in Pint Sized Plays 3, available on the Pint Sized Plays website, and are free to perform for non-paying audiences.  Room in the Womb will appear in Pint Sized Plays 4 in 2017.

Room in the Womb

Room in the Womb (Tenby Arts Festival 2015)

Mr Robertson's Blood Test

Mr Robertson’s Blood Test (Tenby Arts Festival 2014)

Brought to Book

Brough to Book (Tenby Arts Festival 2013, Best Script winner)

Short plays for Ghost Dog Productions

  • Mr Nice Guy (Horse and Stables, London, Nov 2014, dir Charlie Dinkin)
  • Room in the Womb (Horse and Stables, dir Lauren McGee)
  • Let’s Play Deception! (Horse and Stables, 2014, dir Jonathan R Parsonage and at the Et Cetera Theatre, Jan 2015)
  • How to Improve your Love Lie (Horse and Stables, 2014, dir Phoebe Hitt)
  • The Voices (Horse and Stables, 2014, dir Chris Lawson)
  • Love in the Time of Magicka (Horse and Stables, 2014, dir Freyja Winterson and also at The Little Black Box Theatre, Bristol, 11-12 March 2014, dir Christopher Cutting)






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