Critique success gallery

I’m very pleased and proud of all these books that went through my critique service and have gone on to be published.  Congratulations to all the authors and I look forward to reading much more from you in the years to come!

Tata and the Big Bad Bull

Tata and the Big Bad Bull by Juleus Ghunta illustrated by Ann-Cathrine Loo

Join Tata as he attempts to get to school and confronts his enemy.

Danny and the Dream Dog by Fiona Barker illustrated by Howard Gray

Danny dreams of getting a dog – but what will the reality be like and can he cope?

Catch That Cough by Bonnie Bridgman illustrated by Louise Forshaw

Maisie’s cough is on the loose!  Can she catch it or will everybody start coughing?

The Bum That Barked by Elisa Peacock illustrated by Rowena Aitken

Bean’s barking bottom is going to make him a fortune!  What could possibly go wrong?

The Pirate Tree by Brigita Orel illustrated by Jennie Poh

A fantasy ship sparks friendship in this beautiful book.

Rohan Bullkin and the Shadows by Juleus Ghunta illustrated by Rachel Moss

Rohan confronts his reading fears and finds the help he needs to move beyond his childhood traumas.

The entrepreneurial authors below have gone on to self publish and I’m so proud of their achievements.

A Special Day by Mahmoud Elzein illustrated by Rania Hasan

What happens when Eid and Christmas fall on the same day?  Something special!

Algernon Albuthnot Arrives by PG Bogle

A mouse with ideas above his station arrives from the US and turns a family’s life upside down!

Larry at Number 10 by EC Radcliffe illustrated by Dave Hill

Adorable story about the Prime Minister’s cat, or rather, the cat who owns the Prime Minister!

The Chair That Went Wrong written and illustrated by Tony Hall

Witty tale about a cat, a dog and a chair with The Far Side-style humour.

The Waghalter Tales by Simon Howard illustrated by Trinity Howard

These spellbinding stories are written in rhyme and will take you to amazing places!

Ant’s Amazing Journey to Hajj by Mahmoud Elzein illustrated by Surya Ali Zaidan

An ant goes on his dream pilgrimage.

Reggie’s Best Week Ever by Sarah Woodcock illustrated by Sarah-Leigh Wills

Reggie the Rat manages to convince humans that rats aren’t so bad after all in this endearing tale.

Hound on a Scrounge by Maria Bucci illustrated by Martynas Marchiusm

Join Buddy in his quest for afternoon tea in this interactive adventure!

Notebook of Words and Ideas by Juleus Ghunta illustrated by Rachel Moss

A space for readers, writers and young idea makers with inspiration quotes and illusrations.