Critique Service

Why not get your work looked over before submission?  As a published author I can provide valuable feedback on your writing.  My critique includes:

  • Assessment of storyline, characters and your author voice.manuscript-critique-service-pic
  • Advice on grammar and punctuation.   (A full proof read with marked up manuscript is available as a separate package.)
  • Help with presentation and layout.
  • Suggestions on how to edit your work to the right length.
  • Areas to work on, and most importantly, your strengths!
  • Free appraisal of your submission package, if applicable.

I specialise in picture books and young fiction as that is the area I’m published in, but I’m happy to look at any writing for children up to young adult.  Just choose your rate and email your manuscript to lou dot treleaven at sky dot com.

“Your ideas are very good and the critique is very detailed and ‘hands on’, so I learnt a lot.”  AK

“Really helpful advice and thorough feedback.”  RB

“Much more detailed than I was expecting and very constructive… I will certainly be using your service in future.”  KS

“Your advice is invaluable.”  CT

“Happy I contacted you.  Great advice.”  JG

Critique rates 2017

£25 for up to 1000 words (great for picture books – and if your picture books are under 500 words this will cover two of them) – click here to pay £25 via PayPal

£35 for up to 2000 words – click here to pay £35 via PayPal

then £5 per 1000 words after that – click here to pay other amount via PayPal

Plus free synopsis and cover letter critique with each manuscript!

* New proof reading service *

If you don’t need a critique but just want your manuscript checked for typos or errors in grammar or punctuation, I can proof read it for £5 per 1000 words.

In addition, you can return a previously critiqued manuscript for 50% off the stated price.

Payment should be via paypal to lou dot treleaven at sky dot com (or use the links above) or you can use bank transfer (please email me for details).  Once I have received both your payment and manuscript I will aim to complete the critique within 2 weeks.  If you have any questions please do email me, I would love to help.






24 responses to “Critique Service

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  2. I have six short stories about virtues, is that a marketable idea

  3. Hi Lou,
    Greetings! My latest story for editing has been sent to you and a payment was transferred to cover the cost. I am looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you kindly,
    lili shang

  4. Hi Lou,

    Apologies, can you please tell me how I send you my manuscript and payment? I have a picture book manuscript which I would love you to critique. It is my first book so this is all very new to me.

    Kind regards


  5. Thanks Lou, I will send it over on Friday.



  6. Hi Lou, Just sent you a picture book manuscript and the payment. So looking forward to your comments.

  7. helenosaurus

    Hi there. If I have a few picture book manuscripts that together total around the 2000 word mark, can I send them all for the price of £35? xx

  8. Denise Parker

    Hi Lou, Just sent you two more picture book manuscripts and payment. I shall look forward to your valuable comments.

  9. Hi Lou.

    Would love to have your critique.

    Problem being I can’t think of a way to send my children’s picture books online due to their unique format. Although I’m not trying to say they’re as good (!) … they’re a bit like The Hungry Caterpillar … the text doesn’t work in isolation without the images and the tabs at the top.

    Would you accept hard copies as a one-off please? Once you’ve seen them maybe you could suggest any ways around this, as lots of publishers want online submission as you know.

    Many thanks 🙂

    • Hi Christine. I’d love to look at your books but I’d be a bit worried about sending originals in the post. How about photographing each page and emailing me the photographs? Lay them flat and photograph from above to get as good a copy as you can.

  10. lorrainedancer

    Hi Lou,
    I have written a few Picture books and would love you to critique them, if possible.
    Many thanks
    Lorraine x

  11. Hi Lou,
    Thank you, so much. I have e-mailed four Picture Books to you.
    If you could e-mail me bank details, I will transfer today. Many thanks x

  12. Hi Lou,
    I have just transferred money to you.
    Many thanks x

  13. Hi Lou,
    Thank you so much for your positive critique and advice, I found it all very helpful and encouraging. Many thanks x

  14. Hi Lou,
    I’ve completed my first middle grade book. Are you interested in looking at it?

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