The Pirate Who Lost His Name


The Pirate Who Lost His Name by Lou Treleaven illustrated by Genie Espinosa

“There was once a pirate. A very piratey pirate. He had everything a pirate was supposed to have. The only thing he didn’t have was a name. He’d forgotten it!

From the creative minds of Lou Treleaven and Genie Espinosa comes a wonderfully colourful story of a pirate in search of his name.”

Illustrated by Genie Espinosa.

My boys loved meeting the whole pirate team and finding out more about them. They both coveted Pirate Anorak’s immense treasure mound! They were also both screaming at the book by the end I’d be the story as they’d worked out what the poor forgetful pirate’s name was. Lots of fun with illustrations which make the characters leap off the pages.’  Library Girl and Book Boy

‘The Pirate Who Lost His Name is another excellent picture book by Lou Treleaven. It is a simple story, one that is easily told or for children to read by themselves, with hilarious pictures that grab the attention and tell the story. Great for getting young children to engage with it and ask their own questions.’  What’s Good to Read

This new book by Lou Treleaven and Genie Espinosa brings a new twist to the pirate genre, and offers some strong curriculum links too.  All in all this is a funny story, with depth to the tale and the illustrations, and one which will bear multiple readings. A worthy addition to the pirate canon!’  Chez L’Abeille

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