The Knight Who Might



The Knight Who Might tries really hard to be a knight but things don’t always go to plan — even with a magic horse, sword and helmet!  However, when The Knight Who Might spots a knight competition advertised, he sees his chance to show the world what a positive attitude can do!

Illustrated in zany comic style by Kyle Beckett.

‘It is a great message wrapped in a humorous package and is a perfect book for children who love a silly story.’  Youth Services Book Review

‘Move over Little Engine That Could and get ready to share the bookshelf with The Knight Who Might.  Kirkus Reviews

‘This is a genuinely very funny story (who doesn’t enjoy a talking helmet with attitude) that clearly delivers a strong message about bravery and positivity whilst avoiding any of the cheesiness that you sometimes roll your eyes through when reading books for young children. The illustrations are modern and silly, with a slapstick humour all of their own. T and L both really enjoyed it, T demanding a second read by himself and telling me, “that was really funny and the talking horse was so cool!”’  Father Reading Every Day

‘Lou Treleaven has a great way of getting across her messages in a fun and entertaining way. Featuring clumsy knights, magic horses, swords and helmets that talk and a positive try hard attitude make The Knight Who Might an excellent story for bedtime reading or even for teachers to use in a storytime setting.’  What’s Good to Read

‘Full of funny speech and plenty of disaster, this story had us giggling throughout. It celebrates never giving up on your dreams and trying your hardest no matter what, which is such a positive message to have in a picture book. Beckett’s artwork is very funny too. I particularly liked the facial expressions of the horse, sword and helmet.’  Makebelieve and Manuscripts

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