I love writing for all ages, from early readers through picture books and junior fiction right up to middle grade.  Please click on the covers for more info.  (Psst! Fancy a signed copy of one of my books for only £5 plus postage?  Just fill out the order form.)

Picture books (age 0-7 or in my opinion 0-100!)

Daddy-and-I-Cover-LR-RGB-JPEG  The Snugglewump  Snowflake-Mistake-LR-RGB  Professor McQuark and the Oojamaflip

not yet a yeti nyf   The-Pirate-Who-Lost-His-Name-Cover-LR-RGB-JPEG  cover

Junior fiction (age 6-10)

Letter-to-Pluto-COVER-LR-RGB  Homework on Pluto  cover

Early readers (red to turquoise bands, age 4 through to 7)

Grandads-Cake-Grandads-Pot-Cover-LR-RGB-JPEG  C-0pNy_XkAAGTAE.jpg large  Fast-Fox-and-Slow-Snail-ER-Cover-LR-RGB-JPEG-e1495712042350  er-sid-snake-in-disguise-cover-lr-rgb-jpeg-1-731x1024  the oojamaflip cover  slugs in space  dinosaurs-in-wellies  narky-sharky-1

Middle grade (age 8-12)

Turns-Out-Im-An-Alien-RGB-LR-NEON  Turns Out 2 Cover