Yeti Discovered!

I’ve been really lucky to have one of my picture books, Not Yet a Yeti illustrated by Tony Neal, transformed into an interactive, multi-sensory story experience by Discover Children’s Story Centre in London. The clever director and story devisers used cute and magical special effects to create the wintery space, a chair lift, a mountain and even a rainbow disco at the end! I loved going to see this so much! If you have young children and are in reach of London, it’s a brilliant place to go with wonderful exhibitions, story telling and immersive play spaces. Not Yet a Yet is on until 19 February.


5 thoughts on “Yeti Discovered!

  1. Hi Lou,

    Thanks for that info. I had no idea about this place. Where about is it? And all the best for your new novel. I will also be having my first illustrated novel, the first of a series of six, published by Matador/Troubador in July. The age group audience is around 7-11. It will be available on line, and on Amazon. We hope to get it into Waterstones and all local shops in Sussex. It is entitled- Oily Gasbag Goes A Dancing- Victor L Moore

  2. Well look at you Lou you clever thing. I’m so pleased for you to get this recognition, may you continue to flourish. Tim x

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