Free printable Snowflake Mistake toy theatre!

Would you like a fun lockdown activity? Would you like it to be downloadable and free? Of course you would! May I present the Snowflake Mistake toy theatre, based on the ice palace in my picture book The Snowflake Mistake, beautifully illustrated by Maddie Frost. Now you can put on your own production of the story or make up your own ice palace tales. Comes with ‘curtain’, interior and exterior scenes, characters, the snowflake machine AND if you add a small piece of acetate or clear plastic you can insert your own snowfall!

Simply download the pdf via the link below and print the two sheets on A4 card, or print on paper and stick to the back of a cereal box (this makes it extra sturdy). Cut out and fold, following the instructions and the diagram. Use any left over strips of card to make handles for your characters. Take your seats everyone, the performance is about to begin!

With thanks to Maddie Frost and Maverick Arts Publishing


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