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Starting afresh – the dream project

Dear friends,

After what’s been probably the worst year in many of our lives, I thought it would be nice to concentrate on starting afresh. If, like me, you find writing a great form of escapism, you may be looking at plunging into a new project, and what better time to start thinking about that book or piece of writing you’ve always wanted to tackle?

I’ve decided this year to take a good look at what I like doing, what I’m good at and what I’ve always wanted to try, and create a dream project. Here are some questions I’m going to be asking myself. Maybe they can help you start your dream project too?

  • What genre do I like reading the best? If it’s more than one, can I take elements from both?
  • What formats do I like writing in? Narrative, script, diary form, letters, poetry? Again, can I combine more than one element?
  • What would I like to try but haven’t dared?
  • What have I seen other people do that I’d like to have a go at?
  • What can I create that can fit into the time/energy I have?
  • What can I do that makes me feel really fulfilled every time I go back to it, that I’ll enjoy the creation of as much as the end result?
  • If I could choose anything to write, what would give me the ultimate writing buzz?

If you need inspiration there are lots of courses going on at the moment – check out Write Mentor, The Golden Egg Academy and Amy Sparkes’ new website The Story Godmother. Hoopla Impro are also doing some great courses on writing comedy sketches for radio and TV. And if you fancy a six week online picture book course, I’ve just updated my course material ready for a new year – click here for more details.

I can’t wait to start my dream project – even though I don’t know what it’s going to be yet! I hope you have fun finding yours.


2 thoughts on “Starting afresh – the dream project

  1. Hi! I do enjoy reading all posts from you. Do you know when we can expect results from the Young People’s 1st chapter book contest? Jennifer

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