Seasonal signed books giveaway!

As 2017 thinks about putting on the kettle for its hot water bottle and taking its nightly medication, I would like to thank the followers of this blog for another year’s loyalty with a signed book giveaway.  This will be for my new picture book Daddy and I, sumptuously illustrated by Sophie Burrows, plus my two early readers that came out this autumn which have delightfully cute pictures by Dean Gray and David Creighton-Pester.

To be entered into the random draw, just comment below by the end of November, and I’ll get them signed and sent to you in time for… shh!  You know what!


19 responses to “Seasonal signed books giveaway!

  1. Lovely giveaway! Amazing books too! x

  2. The Only Gringo on the Bus

    Ooh, lovely! Thanks for the critiques this year, they’ve been really useful. Hope to have some more for you soon.

  3. What a very generous notion. Lovely books too.

  4. What a lovely idea to do a giveaway! Very generous.

  5. Keeping toes and fingers crossed, love reading your blog, thank you

  6. Good luck with your books! You do a great job with your blog, thanks.

  7. I’m excited about your books!

  8. Thank you for your fantastic critiques this year, your advice has been invaluable! x x x

  9. These books look great. Congratulations!

  10. Tracy Lynn Smith

    Thanks for your blog…always inspiring!!

  11. Hurray and huzzah!

  12.  Daddy and I or Daddy and Me…. Another explanation for the error might have to do with people incorrectly thinking that the “and I” sounds “more correct” or “more formal” than “and me.” But that’s plain wrong.

  13. Great giveaway! I already have a little girl in mind to gift this to if I’m selected.

  14. I will very kindly take those off your hands if I win 🙂
    What a lovely thing to do for Christmas

  15. What a fantastic competition! How did I not know about this before! Fingers crossed!

  16. The children at my school would love a signed copy of your book.

  17. Looking forward to the awesome books.

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