Signed book giveaway and workshop

The SnugglewumpMy new picture book The Snugglewump illustrated by Kate Chappell is out!  The Snugglewump is a featureless comforter with an inferiority complex.  When it hears the other toys arguing about which of them Molly loves best, it crawls out of the cat flap and ends up in a puddle in the local park.  Will the Snugglewump be reunited with Molly?  Could it be that she loves it best after all?  To find out, why not enter my free signed copy giveaway?  Just comment below and tell me what age group you like to write for and why.  I will print off the comments and draw one out of a hat!

Also I’m running a two hour picture book writing workshop at the Get Writing 2017 conference at Oaklands College, St Albans, on Saturday 3 June.  It’s an all day event where you pick which workshops you would like to attend as well as talks and opportunities to pitch to agents and publishers.  Plus lunch!  A lovely day – I have attended several times in the past.  More details and tickets available here.


20 responses to “Signed book giveaway and workshop

  1. For ALL ranges, from picture books, to middle grade, to YA…because monsters belong to everyone 🙂

  2. I love to write for ages 3 to 10 years (picture books to middle grade) because these are the stories that first open up the magical world of reading and imagination!

  3. I write Picture Books and having a little dabble in MG so for 3-9 yo

  4. What an interesting story! Thank you so much for this opportunity! I like writing stories for children aged 4-6. I am a preschool teacher so I’m very familiar with that age.

  5. All ages, particularly books which will also appeal outside their ‘age range’.

  6. Deborah Murphy

    I’m a Library Assistant and I love reading picture books to visiting nursery children. It’s an absolute pleasure to hear them laugh at the funny bits, watch them digest the emotional bits and see the enjoyment on their faces when they’ve really immersed themselves in a story. So for me, I like to write for 3 to 8 year olds.

  7. Maryanne Clegg

    What a beautiful premise. Makes me feel happy and sad all at once. I want it. Is it available for shipping on Amazon? (I like to write for four-ish because it’s a fresh challenge every time to tell the story as powerfully as I can in as few words as I can)

  8. Murtagh's Meadow

    Congratulations on your new publication, it looks lovely. Your workshop sounds great too, shame I am so far away. I have tried writing for various age groups but I think 5-7 years is the one I likr best.

  9. Sounds exciting and scary all at once! I love writing – I love immersing myself in the worlds and characters that come to life in front of my eyes. I guess I love writing for 2-10, picture books, I love how the pictures add a depth that would make the text thick like treacle.

  10. 9-11 because I can use whatever words I want! I have written a picture book though, that almost got taken up. But didn’t! Still have ideas…

  11. Powerless to resist – love writing…nonsense, good stuff, not so good stuff probably mostly for 2 – 10 year olds, love, love, love picture books – can’t draw for toffee though 😉

  12. Hi – Congratulations! I don’t write for kids, but I have three (ages 5, 3, and 8 months), so I READ a ton of picture books! I also review books at – I’d love to read and review your book. I always love new books to read with my girls!

  13. Love the idea of a Snugglewump – so cute. I write for younger age groups, 3-7 years, and like to have fun playing with words.

  14. Under 7s, they are the most fun to write for!!

  15. I am just starting out and finding my way. I have written one (and a half) books for pre-school and attempted one for 5-7s. I fear I cross over between the 2 regularly, both in language and ideas, but I’m working on consistency!!

  16. I am lucky enough (!) to have worked with children all my working life mostly as a librarian and a EYFS/KS1/KS2 Teaching Assistant. I personally like to write for 7 to 8 year olds as this is when I began to enjoy reading to myself and my absolute love of books started. I have re-read a lot of my childhood favourites to my own children and they too have enjoyed hearing them.

  17. I love writing for 4 year olds. Their perception is so cool. Make believe opens up a whole new meaning to exploratory possibility and it’s real. How lucky are we to access the fringes of their creativity.

  18. And the winner is… Murtagh’s Meadow! Congratulations! Please email me at lou dot treleaven at sky dot com with your details and dedication and I will get the book out to you.

  19. Murtagh's Meadow

    Thank you so much for the beautiful book which arrived safely in the post. We read it straight away and the children and I loved the story and the illustrations. I hope it is a great success for you.

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