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Giveaway results

Thank you to everyone who entered the Professor McQuark and the Oojamaflip publication day giveaway.  It’s been inspiring to hear your writing resolutions for 2016.  I hope everyone has a fruitful year!

The winner (drawn out of a tissue box – appropriately as I have the mother of all colds) is… duitwit!  Sorry not to use your real name duitwit as I’m sure you have one.  If you email me at lou dot treleaven at sky dot com with your name and address and who you’d like the book dedicated to, I will pop it in the post to you.

I had a lovely tea party yesterday with some friends to celebrate. We ate gingerbread Professor McQuarks, oojamaflapjacks and square balloon peanut blondies (brownies without the cocoa).  I signed lots of books and felt like a real author!

Gingerbread McQuarks
The sign for the toilet!

We also made Professor McQuark fortune tellers / cootie catchers / chatterboxes – there are lots of names for these little gizmos but basically you fold the paper and work through the three options until you have an idea for an invention.  Then you can draw it, act it out or simply muse on the possibility of actually having a portable cloud straightener or whatever your result is!  If you’d like one of these, simply click here to download a pdf which you can then print and follow the instructions to fold.  The artwork, as always, is by the incredibly talented Julia Patton.

professor mcquark's curiously creative cootie catcher

You can also find Professor McQuark’s Curiously Creative Cootie Catcher at


7 thoughts on “Giveaway results

    1. Hi Kim, I’m signing books at whsmith in the mall Luton on 18 Feb 2-4 but I could work something out by post… I’ll see if I can calculate what the postage would be.

  1. Your book party looked like a lot of fun. Well done Lou. You’ve obviously worked very hard for your much deserved success. I look forward to reading your book. Will it be available on or I am an ex-pat living in the states, so unfortunately I won’t be able to buy it from my local bookseller, (unless they distribute it over here). Congrats to duitwit on winning the signed copy as well. Best, Evonne

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