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Publication day giveaway!

Coming soonDear readers,

It’s nearly publication day!  Fifteen years ago I started submitting children’s book manuscripts to publishers.  Five years ago I decided to share my list of publishers I was submitting to by putting it on my blog.  I never dreamed it would be such a popular post, with nearly 800 comments, queries and even success stories.  It’s been great sharing the ups and downs of publication with so many people.   Finally, on 28 January this month, my own dream will come true and my rhyming picture book, Professor McQuark and the Oojamaflip, illustrated by Julia Patton, will be published by Maverick Books.

To say thank you for everyone’s support, I would love to give away a signed copy.  If you would like one, please share your new year’s writing resolution below!  On publication day I’ll print out the comments and pick one at random.  I’ll then be in contact to ask you for your address and dedication.

If you are still submitting, don’t give up!  I made this promise to myself and I’m so glad I did.  I will keep updating the publishers and agents lists and keep encouraging you all.  Maybe your success story will be the next one on here?  I hope so!  Have a brilliant 2016 and keep writing.


40 thoughts on “Publication day giveaway!

  1. That is such wonderful news. I am about to send off my manuscript as it is finally done editing and funnily enough Maverick Books really stuck out to me as one to approach. So congratulations. My new years writing resolution is to approach agents and publishers and get my book out there. I would love to see a copy of your story. Thanks Lou for all that you share. Ana Frearson

  2. Congratulations, Lou – you must be counting down the days now! My New Year’s writing resolution is to join a Picture Book critique group.

  3. Congratulations! This is great news! The book looks pretty cool. This year I just want to write without thinking so much, because I find that too much forethought kills my inspiration and I get stuck doubting every story line. I hope your books does well and you get to publish many more. Happy New Year!

  4. Lou! What a wonderful gesture for all the other pre-published writers out there. Now that your foot is in the door I’m sure many more wonderful things will come your way. As far as writing resolutions go the only one I can share is to promise to keep looking forward and not to be deterred by the silence of my inbox or the cold touch or another form rejection letter. Happy New Year!

  5. Woo! It’s so excitingly close! After getting The Almost Animals published in November thanks to your wonderful list, I am hoping to finish another children’s book this month, and then work on and finish a full length novel. The latter, I will start work on while I am travelling around South East Asia between February and May. Exciting times ahead!

  6. My new year’s writing resolution. When you need to take a nap, just take it, don’t push through, and don’t feel bad about napping. You’ll write better afterwards, at least I think I do.

  7. Congratulations! What an elated feeling that must be! After indie publishing my children’s book, I’m working on another book to hopefully get published through a publisher. My horse Skeeter will be the heroine. Also my baking book that is always in the works, so far more eating the goods then writing down directions! Just kidding. My goal is to finish the children’s book and getting the baking book ready for edit by the end of the year! Thank you for writing this blog it is very helpful and encouraging. Aloha from Hawaii, Heidrun Metzler

  8. Valanee Eriksen:
    What a lovely idea! I have so enjoyed all the information you have give out, and it has definitely been a help to me. My Writing Resolution is to not get so discouraged when rejections come. I will just put on my big-girl pants, make the story better and try again with another publisher.

  9. Congratulations Lou! Your book looks great! You deserve some success after all the help you’ve given everyone.
    My New Year writing resolution is to make sure I write something every day and remind myself how much pleasure I get from writing, without getting bogged down by submissions and rejection letters.

  10. Hearty congratulations, Lou, it goes to show what you can achieve when you refuse to give up. My resolution this year is to re-edit and submit a novel I wrote a few years ago to as many agents/publishers as I can. All the best with your forthcoming launch, the cover looks very appealing.

  11. And Lou,

    Mega congrats on your near pub day. I’m buying a couple of copies, I already have customers in the wings. What’s an Oojamaflip? Well, I thought everyone knew what that was! See, see….

    Best, best


  12. Congrats on the book – I hope it’s a huge success!

    My resolution is to write more and share more, with friends, other writers, agents and publishers. Never give up.




  13. Oh so excited! Can’t wait to see the Professor in the shops!

    My New Years Resolution is to stay positive, and resend after each rejection. Fingers crossed for this year!! xoxo

  14. You must be so proud. Huge congratulations. My new year’s resolution is to take some great advice offered to be by another blogger commenting on my writing blog – the advice was: – “Just keep writing. That’s all you have to do. And when you don’t feel like writing. Don’t write. Love it for what it is and go with it. Think of every word you write (anywhere) as a seed planted. Be gentle with yourself and your craft.”

  15. Mega congratulations to you Lou. I am sooooooo jealous and pleased at the same time!!! My New Years resolution….from a great song by Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush “Don’t give up” that’s my moto for 2016. Your insight and knowledge have been a Godsend and although I have sent my manuscript off to several agents with zilch interest…I will persevere, annoy, grovel, re-write, edit, resend, until my very long titled publication is in every library!!!

  16. Dear Lou, I am so happy for you. Congratulations!!! Looking forward to buying your book. I am grateful for your help. I wish you the best.

  17. Congratulations. My new year resolution is to take marketing more seriously (Think last book sold one print and one e copy) and not lurk in a corner writing but organise a website MAYBE even a blog. Your publishers market is my bible. Thanks again for thinking of the rest of us.r

  18. Congratulations Lou. A well deserved success. My new year’s resolution is to be more disciplined and focused in my writing. I aim to set aside time to regularly work on my book and also to persevere in sending out work to publishers. All the best for 2016.

  19. In 2015 I made the resolution to write a page every day. I did. In so doing I completed my manuscript and started the sequel to it. Young Adult reading. I had an old computer that wasn’t hooked up to the internet For Christmas, I got a new computer from my daughter (now living with her). I am on line via wi fi. This year in 2016 I want to continue writing a page every day; but I want to publish that book and somehow get paid as a freelance writer and self publish as well. I want my dream realized this year. Thank you for your dedication.

    1. Duitwit, you are the winner! Please email me at lou dot treleaven at sky dot com with your address and the dedication you would like on the book and I will post it to you. Enjoy!

  20. This has filled me with renewed hope. I had just about given up trying to get my childrens book published but my resolution for 2016 is to keep on trying. Thanks for the motivation I needed, onwards and upwards. xx

  21. Huge congratulations Lou, I am so happy for you.
    I read a quote that said,
    If you want to see a rainbow you have to put up with the rain.
    My writing resolution is to continue chasing the rainbow and to carry on writing if it brings me joy.

  22. Congrats! I hope to write more just for the love of writing! And if something publishable happens to erupt out of me then fabulous.

  23. So excited for you, Lou.
    I’m just going to keep on pushing my stuff in 2016 – rejection hurts a bit less every time. I just need to put the same effort into sending my work off as I do into writing it! It’s easy to give up.
    But I shan’t!

  24. Congratulations, Lou, glad all your hard work paid off. My New Year’s Resolution is to submit to at least two publishers/agents a week. Small steps, but I usually forget about the submitting bit!

  25. Your generosity in sharing in formation and experience has paid off and brought you well-deserved success as a reward – we should all follow your example. My 2016 resolution is simply to knock my 95,000 words into shape and feel satisfied that it’s the best I can make it – then try it on the market.

  26. My New Year’s writing resolution is simple- continue to do what I love, proving to myself and others that dyslexia shouldn’t stop anyone from pursuing their dreams.

    Looking forward to reading your book :).

  27. My new year’s writing resolution is to enter some writing competitions as it will be good practice for structuring and editing my work, as well as getting used to submitting to a deadline.

    Congratulations Lou on all your hard work, glad it’s paying off.

  28. A massive congratulations to you and thank you so much for all of your support and advice. I will give one last push with my own children’s book because of your encouragement…………heave hooooo!

  29. Huge Congratulations to you Lou. Your optimistic outlook and your informative website keep me inspired. I have written a series set in outer space for children, ages 5-9. I published, ‘Amelia the Moochins and the Sapphire Palace,’ a while ago. The second book, ‘Amelia the Venutons and the Golden Cage,’ is due out in February. I received excellent reviews for the first book and it’s selling, but slowly!! My writing goal for 2016 is to re-submit to traditional publishers, for the third book in the series. I honestly feel like a modern day Robert the Bruce, when it comes to writing and publishing. But like you, I hope to make it one day! Please send me a reminder at, when your book comes out. If I don’t win the signed copy, I’d like to buy a copy for my daughters. From the description, I think it’s something they’d really enjoy. And again, many, many congratulations! Evonne

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