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Children’s short story market – The Caterpillar Magazine

It can be difficult to find places to submit children’s short stories, so I was pleased to see this market in August’s Writing Magazine.Caterpillar magaine

Launched a year ago, The Caterpillar is a quarterly children’s magazine featuring fiction, poetry and artwork for children aged 7-11.  Read the poem and story on their site to get an idea of what they like, or better still buy a copy.  They accept fiction up to one thousand words and up to six poems as word or pdf attachments (the poems should be in a single document).  They prefer email submissions but do provide a postal address, and it can take up to three months for them to respond.

I haven’t been able to find a link to buy a single copy (rather than a subscription) from the site so I’ve emailed them for information.  I’ll post more when I can read a copy.  From what I’ve seen so far it looks like great fun and a wonderful opportunity for writers if you can fit their gently humorous style.



17 thoughts on “Children’s short story market – The Caterpillar Magazine

  1. You are the one “helpful” piece in the difficult jig-saw puzzle of trying to find a market for one’s children’s writing. Thank you Lou, you are a star!

  2. That’s a useful link. Strange that there are so few children’s short stories around for that age group. I’m sure that when I was in the Puffin Club there were short stories in the Puffin Post.

  3. The Caterpillar is great, and I think you can buy single copies. There’s also The Looking Glass Magazine, published through Trinity College Dublin, which is a great little magazine dedicated to children’s literature (in which a couple of my own stories appear :)) – they’re at

  4. Hi Lou,

    Really enjoying your posts, v useful – I have just ordered this and the way to order only one is to go to where there are pictures of all the back issues and then just say which one you want to order. That seemed to work.

    Thanks and please keep posting!


  5. Thanks for another brilliant tip. I sent some poems off to The Caterpillar after seeing your post and had one accepted for the Autumn edition 🙂

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