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March madness!

It’s an exciting month for me, fellow scribes.  My short play The Voices is being performed as part of Ghost Dog Productions‘ new writing night at the Horse Bar, London, while previous play Love in the Time of Magicka is currently ‘on tour’ at the Little Black Box Theatre in Bristol and then next month at the King’s Arms in Salford, with a new director and cast for each location.  All three venues are fab ’boutique’ theatre spaces that love new writing.

horse bar
Theatre space at the Horse Bar – small but perfectly formed.


Meanwhile my article on decoding the mystery of blogging stats is in this month’s Writing Magazine (misleadingly labelled April issue, as magazines are from the future).

Exciting times!  Meanwhile I’m working on a full length play for a competition, plus some more short pieces.  But never fear, I shall still be watching out for opportunities to submit to children’s publishers and for writing tips to share with you.  My main tip this month: take every opportunity that comes your way.  You never know what might happen!


14 thoughts on “March madness!

  1. Great to hear your efforts have been rewarded with your plays doing the circuit. I would have loved to have been able to come and see them…however l am ‘a bridge too far’…well actually there are no bridges! Your website is a goldmine of information for those of us who are on a quest to become a published author. You deserve whatever success you get.

  2. Hi Lou I’m Ignatius Musonza, a published writer with10 published children’s books; 8 books published by Macmillan Education,(UK) I x Editions Bakame and I x Longman /Pearson. Your blog is refreshing everytime I read it, and I am renewed in the conviction to writing; especially now that I have just finished writing and started editing my first and a 500+page Y/A genre books. Your links have also been immensely helpful. Keep up the great work girl. Keep publishing too, I see you are making great strides with plays. Keep at it. Ignatius C. Musonza.

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Ignatius. I love your name, by the way! Sounds like you are going in an interesting new direction – I wish you all the best with it.

  3. Well done to you! You deserve success, especially with all the help you are giving to us newbies! I’ve just sent off my first picture book story with your help! I”ll let you know when i’m accepted. I’m using the law of attraction, so I’m expecting good news very soon!

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