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Please fill out my blogging questionnaire!

I am writing an ebook about blogging for writers – and I need your help.  I’ve put together a questionnaire to find out more about what sort of blogs people write, how often they post, how they feel about their blogging platform, etc.  If you have a few minutes to spare I’d love you to fill one out and email it to me.  All the questions are optional and you can write as much or as little as you like.

Five questionnaires will be picked at random to receive a free copy of the ebook (provisionally entitled Better Blogging for Writers) when it is finished.  I’ll also include links to any blogs I discuss.  Click on the link or the picture to download the questionnaire.  Many thanks and I look forward to reading all about your blog!

Download Blogging Questionnaire

blogging questionnaire


19 thoughts on “Please fill out my blogging questionnaire!

  1. Dear Lou, I don’t blog about writing myself – just about my day job in marketing – but I’ve put the message with a link to your site on a couple of writers’ internet groups, so I hope that’ll generate a few useful questionnaires for you.

    All the best with the book!

    Susan S.P.Moss aka Susan Imgrund

    Susan Imgrund Kthe-Kollwitz-Ring 49 63486 BRUCHKBEL Germany

    Tel: +49 6181 989145 Mobile: +49 170 2347240

    1. This is a blog, Paul! It’s a bit like an online diary but you can write about anything. A great way of flexing your writing muscles, improving your online visibility and making virtual friends! Have an explore around and and you will find lots of lovely blogs to read.

  2. Hello Lou,

    I have a blog which you can have a look at

    Frances developed it to promote my book “A Yank Back To England” but as you will see I haven’t been on it for well over a year now. If this helps…but I think I should buy your book if I decide to blog more, but I don’t like doing it really and truly, I don’t even Facebook, but I might have to if I ever get my next book out. Some people are mad about FB and tweeting and blogging an all, but I’m not. But if you still want me to fill out your questionaire , I will of course, if it helps. But I’m a bit of a Luddite, well, actually, more than a bit.

    That being said I really enjoy your posts, and your blog, I find it all very informative and madly encouraging. And now I’m rambling….



    Denis Lipman 301-603-9880

    1. Hi Denis. It would be interesting to read your questionnaire as a ‘reluctant’ blogger! Your blog looks great, by the way, even though you haven’t been on it for a while.

  3. Hi Lou

    I’m sorry but I can’t fill out questionnaire as my version of Word is too old to read the attachment.

    Best wishes Debbie


  4. Dear Ms. Treleaven,

    I would like to help with your questionnaire but, even though I started a blog, I am still struggling with how to make it work. My blog is: Barbara E. Barber’s Blog, and there is still a lot that I don’t understand yet. I look forward to learning from your expertise.


    b.e. barber

    1. Your blog looks good to me, Barbara (although you seem to have two: one in wordpress and one in blogger with very similar names?). I’ve found the best of learning is to click around all the menus and try out new things. Once you know what each menu does and you know where to find the right commands it really helps your confidence. Also once you’ve got the hang of one blogging platform it’s much easier to learn another, so if you are switching between blogger and wordpress it’s just a matter of finding things! Another good tip is to post regularly because if you don’t use your blog for a while you do forget how to do things and then it’s harder to get started again. Once a week is a good schedule but once a fortnight or even a month is fine, as long as it’s regular.

  5. Hi Lou, I honestly don’t know how to blog.. I wish I could as I am an a literary appraisalist. I do all genres and blogging would be good for letting writers know I am available instead of relying on word of mouth. I love doing it as I see the creative minds of writers at work, and often the help I can offer means they have a better chance of being published. It means I don’t have as much time for my own work, but I still love being able to help others, and my clients often comment that I have given them the direction they had been looking for and hadn’t thought of but had been searching for, and it is nice to know I have helped. each own writers worrk is there baby, and it needs someone that is not to look at it objectively. I have just had back surgery and although i can sit and appraise work, I’m too sore to sit and write for myself for any length of time. When I have got over this, I will have to find someone to show me how to blog. I have a high IQ but I’m sorry to say I’m not computer savvy, and find it embarrassing to admit it, but its time I took my computer by its horns and become its master, instead of it controlling me. Best wishes on your endevour, I’m sure it will be successful., Yvonne

    1. Thanks Yvonne – maybe my book will help you as I will be covering everything from the absolute basics to content, design, style, blogging etiquette and everything in between! Hope you feel better soon and succeed in your efforts to tame your computer!

  6. Do you still want questionaires? Happy to do it if you do. Also, I read your very interesting article in Writer’s Magazine about free websites and I was wondering why you didn’t include WordPress.

    1. Hi Gina. Yes please to questionnaires! The reason why I didn’t include WordPress in the article was that I was concentrating on free websites rather than free blogging platforms and it would have been just too much to cover in one article. However I do think WordPress is brilliant for creating free websites. Also Writer’s Magazine did do an article on using WordPress to create sites a few months ago. Glad you enjoyed the article!

  7. Another question if you don’t mind – Do you submit to just one agent at a time? I’ve just finished my children’s book. Thanks.

    1. You can submit to more than one agent at a time but you need to tell them so in your covering letter. Some agents prefer to be exclusive – check their submission requirements to check.

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