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I’m a Pint-Sized Winner!

Actually it’s not me who’s pint-sized but my script!  My short play ‘Brought to Book’ is a winner in the 2013 Pint-Sized Plays competition.  Pint-Sized Plays bring theatre into pubs by staging performances of the ten finalists’ scripts in various pubs around Tenby in Wales as part of Tenby Arts Festival.  They then go on to take part in a ‘script slam’ with the winner taking home the coveted pint trophy.  There were 250 entries from all around the world so I feel a great sense of achievement in being a finalist.  I just wish Tenby wasn’t four and half hours away so I could go and watch!

The win marks a bit of a change of direction for me.  I’m still writing (and submitting!) children’s fiction but my involvement in amateur dramatics has sparked a flurry of playwriting activity.  I’ve discovered that it’s ideal if you like writing dialogue and hate description, like me!  Searching for opportunities to submit is very different from finding a publisher.  When you write a script you are writing for performance rather than publication, and there are plenty of young theatre companies looking for new scripts, either at certain times of the year or through competitions.  Entry fees are rare but so is payment.  The reward is getting your play performed rather than monetary recompense.  The most useful site I have found for opportunities is Playwright’s Competition Calendar.  You can browse by month according to when the competition expires.  Well worth a look if you’re interested in script writing.


20 thoughts on “I’m a Pint-Sized Winner!

  1. Congratulations, it is great when a writer achieves success because it is so competitive and personal for others to relate to, well done. Paul fazz Farrell.

  2. Congratulations! And thank you for all the generous and excellent advice! I have been following you, and chipping away at my own submissions – hopefully I get somewhere soon.
    I have directed a number of Middle school (a useful American category) plays, and still involve myself in adapting scripts, designing sets etc. I am ALWAYS on the lookout for good scripts for large casts so – have you ever thought of writing play scripts (preferably zany) for this age? P.S. We’ll pay.


  3. Well done Lou! But do try and see your play, (stay overnight somewhere, a b&b perhaps) but you’ll find the experience invaluable and you’ll make great connects!


  4. Hi Lou,
    So pleased you found my blog because now I’ve found yours which has got all the information I need for the children’s book I’ve written. Now all I have to do is finish it.

  5. Thanks for all your very helpful and useful posts. Please note that Tiger Press is no longer accepting unsolicited submissions. Reading your blog has encouraged me to send out some of my stories for children to publishers. Thanks again for sharing!
    Very best wishes, Andrea

  6. Thanks Andrea – what a shame about Little Tiger. I will update the publisher’s list.

    The script slam was on Saturday and I got an email yesterday to say I’ve won the best script and the pint trophy! Very pleased indeed.

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