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Back Me Up on This

You!  Yes, you!  Back up your work!

Today I’m going to play the parent and nag you.  Whatever writing you’re doing, wherever you are, stop now and back it up.  Whether it’s on a memory stick, an external hard drive or a paper printout, make sure you have an extra copy of whatever you are doing.  (Even if you don’t value it much now, you may do later on.  A novel lost always becomes a masterpiece in retrospect!)

My latest article on backing up and storing your work is published this month in Writing Magazine (May 2013 edition).  There’s lots of other useful stuff in there as well including a special on writing picture books and an insightful interview with three very different literary agents.

Have you backed up your work yet?  No?  Shame on you!  Yes?  Good – I won’t stop your pocket money.  At least, not this week.

writing magazine may 2013


8 thoughts on “Back Me Up on This

    1. Great advice. Congratulations on having your article in WM. I also subscribe and also in this months copy…..having a poem considered by Doris Corti. I wrote it years ago and was thrilled with her suggestions.

  1. Having lost work via a dodgy hard drive a few years ago, this is sage advice of the utmost importance! Do it!!

    I’ll have to track down a copy of ‘Writing’ somehow btw – I have submitted a picture book recently, so will check out – retrospectively! – what I should have done!

  2. Thanks for the gentle scold. Mine backs up every ten mins but but sometimes….


    Denis Denis Lipman 301-603-9880

  3. I can’t recommend Dropbox enough when it comes to backing up. It was a life saver when my iMac hard drive was dying, and even Time Machine couldn’t manage to back up to my external hard drive.

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