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Children’s publishers in the US accepting unsolicited manuscripts

I’ve been asked several times about US publishers and have not been able to help very much.  I did think about trying to put together my own list, but it would involve a massive amount of research and time!  Luckily, thanks to a handy blog post by JR Poulter, I have discovered Brian Grove and his site My Perfect Pitch ( where, as well as dispensing wisdom and advice to aspiring writers, he also maintains lists of publishers to approach.

So to see a list of US publishers accepting manuscripts, visit  As always, read the individual requirements of the publishers very carefully before you submit.  The better we writers make our submissions, the more likely the few publishing companies who still accept unsolicited work will continue to do so.

The very best of luck and please tell me of any success stories – I love to hear them!


25 thoughts on “Children’s publishers in the US accepting unsolicited manuscripts

  1. Thanks you so much for this Lou, I have been writing on and off since 1985, with books for children published for schools etc in the 90’s. I decided last year to concentrate full-time on my writing and realised I had to start all over again. Information like yours is priceless. So much has changed and it’s great to see a site like yours that can offer assistance. Thank you!

  2. Thanks Lou, really helpful as ever. Curently got a “big” agent reading my mss. on an exclusive. so fingers crossed. If it’s a yes I’ll post it as a comment with gorty details etc. if you want.

    Best, and thanks for your great work and advice.



  3. Lou,

    I just found this list for U.S. publishers that you went out of your way to find and help us poor, struggling, writers across the pond. You are indeed a “Rock Star”!


    Michael Turner
    a.k.a. The Cabernet Kid

  4. Thanks for this! I have a question about submitting artwork with a pb. Do you know the best way to do it?

    1. I don’t know a lot about this, Hilary, but as far as I understand it, submit a few sample copies (not originals) with the text. If they like it they will ask to see the rest. If you are emailing, again just attach a few sample illustrations. Always check the publisher’s guidelines first though in case they have a preferred format.

  5. hello All,

    I am a Liberian. I have written several books for children. I have published in the Reading liberia program sponsor by Canadian organization for Development through Education. In June 2013, Longman-Star Books published two books for me.

    However, I am interested in publishing with unsolicited children books publishers.

    Please help me with some such publishers.

  6. Hi ! Has anyone gone to the link ‘Perfect Pitch’? What success has anyone had on writing the perfect submission letter? Also, I have never written anything and want to get my rhyming picture book published. What advice has anyone got on establishing credibility? Any help gratefully received!Thanks.

  7. Thank-you for this list! I had no idea how many rules go into publishing and I’m the author of three books! I’ve done a lot of reading about do’s and don’ts and I’m crossing my fingers.

  8. Hi Lou,
    Since discovering your site I’ve had short stories published in both ‘Spellbound’ and ‘Knowonder!’, been shortlisted for the Greenhouse Funny Prize and have now got my first chapter book out with ‘Knowonder!’. So a big big thank you for all your helpful information and industry pointers. They’re much appreciated.

  9. I am glad someone got a benefit fron Brian Grove and his Perfect Pitch. I bought into his story last month with a promise of money back if not delighted, and with the promise of looking over a submission letter, editing etc. All I recieved from Bian was an excuse that he just moved. It is now over a month and nothing.. no assitance no help. My Perfect Pitch is a total rip.

  10. Hello I wrote a children’s book and I want to get it out and published, but I haven’t had any luck doing it, could you please give me some advice on exactly where and how to do it. Thanks so much

    1. Hi Sherri. You will need to send a synopsis (1 page summary of the plot) and the first three chapters (or full text if a picture book) to either a publisher who accepts manuscripts or an agent. If you look on their website there should be guidelines there on exactly what they want, how they want it send and who to send it to. Follow these guidelines to the letter and send out the very best work you can, to one agent or publisher at a time. If you haven’t heard back within 3-6 months, send out to the next. Work your way through a list and don’t give up! Good luck!

  11. Hello, I have written and self published a series of three non fiction children’s books (ages 3-8) about my animal rescues. They are both interactive and educational with Q and A and lessons taught. There is also a message in the back reiterating the lesson to the parents. Should I submit the entire 32-35 page picture book or just the manuscript and separate pixs (depending on their specs of course)? thank you for all your info.

    1. That’s a difficult one, Sue, and I don’t know the answer but I would be inclined if you are already self published to send the actual book. I would also include sales figures if they are good. It would be worth checking to make sure the publisher is happy to consider work already self published, as some don’t. In fact, if you make contact beforehand you can then check which format they prefer. Good luck!

  12. Hi Lou. I’ve recently had a children’s book published in ebook form with a company called I am looking however to pitch it to more heavyweight publishers due to the lack of feedback I’ve had from them regarding it’s progress over the last 18 months or so. Your site has opened up my eyes to the fact it’s a big world out there and I would like to thank you for all the advice you’ve given us. I hope when I’m established I can do the same.

    Ron Finn.

  13. Saw that you have included Black Rose Writing and commented on whether or not they are a traditional publishing house…indeed they are…I have had two contracts with them…they paid all costs, no purchase required, twice a year royalties…contracts per industry standards…not a vanity press Ken Bangs

  14. Just a heads-up. I paid 29.95 pounds to Brian and he never sent his ebook. I have written him four times with no reply. Don’t trust this guy!

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