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Meadowside Books no longer trading

Sadly I heard today that Meadowside Books are no longer trading.  Staff have been made redundant.  As far as I know, any manuscripts they have been holding have been shredded – which sounds drastic but stops them being misused.  So if you’ve submitted to them recently it’s time to move on to the next publisher on your list.  A real pity when a children’s publisher like this has to fold.


6 thoughts on “Meadowside Books no longer trading

  1. Times are very hard. I visited their stand at the London Book Fair last year and have a copy of their catalogue on my shelf. I had submitted to them in the past and received a reply. Very sad for all the staff. 😦 😦

  2. That’s a shame. I remember submitting work to them years ago. I’m sure I received a standard typed rejection letter, but it also included a kind, hand-written note saying they’d welcome future submissions.

  3. Thanks for this information- what a shame. Last time I was sending off submissions I had a frustrating time trying to contact Meadowside, and I did wonder if they were going through something like this.

  4. Thats a shock because in my Writer’s News in September last year they were asking for submissions.

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