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The Haunted School poem published!

My poem The Haunted School is published in this month’s Writer’s News, part of Writing Magazine.  I wrote it especially for their children’s poetry competition; the first line just popped into my head and that dictated the theme and the rhyme for the rest.  I have decided to plough the second place prize money back into my writing and will be putting it towards a critique at some point in the future.  For now I will continue carrying my magazine around and pushing it into people’s faces.  “Look!  It’s me!”


16 thoughts on “The Haunted School poem published!

  1. Congratulations on this publication! Thank you also for your advice on getting published. Your tips have been most helpful!


  2. Congratulations Lou – it’s about time the ‘Help Goddess’ got something for all the love and advice you dish out so generously!

  3. I read it well done. I did don’t get around to entering and my work is aimed more at younger children. Maybe you should treat yourself to a little something.

  4. Congratulation. I have actually already read it in the magazine and thought it was great. I read it out to my three younger brothers aged between 10-15 and they all liked it. In fact they cannot believe I am commenting on the blog of , and I quote, ‘a-real-proper-writing-person’!


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