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It’s Twitter Time!

I have signed up to Twitter in order to stalk some of my favourite writers and find out what’s happening in their worlds.  There’s something about Twitter that’s more intimate than following a blog or visiting a website; the equivalent of being passed a note under the desk at school from the popular boy at the back of the classroom.

I don’t know if Twitter will be a permanent fixture in our fast-moving media world or if it will be regarded in the same way we do the Rubik’s Cube now: the symbol of an era, fun at the time but really – why?

I’m also not sure quite how to negotiate through the millions of twitterers out there.  It seems like a tornado of information whirling around without order.  Perhaps just letting a little bit through at a time will help; hence I will keep the list of people I follow small while I get my head around what it’s all about.

If you like the same children’s authors I do you might want to follow:

  • @jasperfforde
  • @davidwalliams
  • @Patrick_Ness
  • @ScottWesterfeld
  • @garthnix
  • @kdueykduey

I will be tracking down some more of my literary heroes over the next few weeks.  If you would like to keep me company (I will be tweeting about the writing process, the books I’m enjoying and any good leads I get on submitting children’s books), please click on the Follow@LouTreleaven button on the right as I currently have only 1 follower who is a piece of spam.


7 thoughts on “It’s Twitter Time!

  1. Hi Lou I’m not on twitter and don’t plan to be any time soon. I find it hard enough to keep up with my email,  facebook and my blog, but I am a children’s writer in case you wish to read my blog. Do you write a blog? All the best Diane

    my blog

    1. Hi Diane, the link to your blog didn’t work, do you want to try again? I know what you mean; I wish there was one way to keep up with everything and I may regret getting started on Twitter but we’ll see how it goes!

  2. Well I do enjoy your blogs most of the time. I myself am a mother and hold down a full time job. I have been working on my own children’s story ‘The Time Travelling Tree’ but have had writers block for the last six months. Wish I could gett my writing spirit back. The tree the characters the story are all there, just not together. Anyway maybe one day it ll come together and I might be one of those great childrens writers you might get to mention on your twitter blog

    All the best

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