The Greenhouse Funny Prize

Thank you to author and fellow Talkback forum contributor Rosalie Warren for drawing my attention to this exciting new prize.  Aimed at flushing out the new Roald Dahl, Andy Stanton or Francesca Simon, the prize is being organised jointly by The Greenhouse Literary Agency and The Writers’ Workshop.  All you have to do is submit the first five thousand words and a synopsis of your funniest novel, chapter book or picture book by 30 July.  The prize is representation by this exciting and dynamic young agency and a free ticket to The Writers’ Workshop Festival of Writing where you will be presented with a bottle of champers to boot.

The submission guidelines are here; as usual, follow them to the letter to maximise your chances.  Entry is free and submission is by email.

Of course you can just submit to The Greenhouse in their usual way but the benefits of this prize are the attendant publicity and boost to your career.  And sometimes knowing that you are in competition with others can bring out your best writing.

Good luck!


5 thoughts on “The Greenhouse Funny Prize

  1. Continued problem w/ “”
    Emails keep coming back w/ notice “Not deliverable…don’t respond…they will try 2 more times. Why don’t you give it a try? Bob PS How about this new Humor Contest?

  2. Hi Lou, thank you for putting up some great information. I have submitted to Pants on fire and have written a story for the Greenhouse funny prize. Keeping my fingers crossed. 🙂

  3. Great, Fiona! I have set myself the task of writing something new especially for the Greenhouse Funny Prize – it’s going to be fun coming up with something sufficiently daft!

  4. Well, my 5K words are finished, the synopsis done and everything sent off – even with a couple of weeks to spare! Whatever happens, I now have a new book off to a flying start with the first three chapters and synopsis all ready and polished – no excuses for not finishing it whatever happens.

    If you are thinking of entering, there is still time – you can enter more than one book AND it does not have to be finished to enter. Good luck everybody.

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