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Market for children’s short stories – Story Station

Story Station is a part of which is a website of resources for teachers and parents.  An American market, they pay 1c per world for short stories for children and young adults of between 1,500 to 3,000 words.  Full submission guidelines can be found here, but basically they are looking for quality short stories with strong plot lines, a child protagonist or child character (not necessarily the viewpoint character) and an upbeat ending.  If you read a few of the stories on there you will see that there is some quirky, original stuff as well as classic adventures but avoid the nastier end of horror.  I was impressed by the quality.  Maybe you can do just as well?  Email submissions are preferred and they aim to respond within a month.


10 thoughts on “Market for children’s short stories – Story Station

  1. What are the requirements for submissions? A Synopsis? A few chapters? Illustrations? Is it on harcopy or electronic?

    1. Hi Robert. As this is a short story market, submit the whole short story, no illustrations, electronic submissions only. If you click on the link above to the submissions guidelines they tell you exactly what they need. Good luck.

      1. Thanks for the prompt reply. I’m new to all this. Maybe my book is not a short story afterall. Having taught school grades 2 to 8 for many years, I’m retired, I know this is a chapter book with illustrations. It is a trilogy of 12 short chapter books each with illustrations from my illustrator son for the first 24 chapters. The main characters are time-traveling, talking clocks. So I know some publishers won’t even consider it. I’ve writen a synopsis and am currently working on getting the text and pictures on electronic, disc or a flash drive. Do I need to “watermark” it? Bob Burgan

  2. It sounds fascinating to me, Bob! Don’t worry about watermarking it. I have a list of children’s publishers in the UK on another post: (also on the black menu bar on the right). Have a look at their requirements – many of them are looking for good chapter books. The links will tell you exactly what you need to submit. Your experience as a teacher will be looked on as a real positive.

    1. Thanks, Lou for all your help. Out of that list of Children’s Book Publishers I was able to send a synopsis and 3 sample chapters to 13 different ones mostly in the UK. Little Brown emailed back and told me to go to the Literary Marketplace 2012 Bowkers? asa LMP. to get an agent. My question, if an agent accepts you does he charge up front or only after my submission has been accepted? Oh, and by the way, I mailed a hard copy of my manuscript to myself with a postal date and I won’t open it unless I have to. OK? Bob Burgan

      1. Hi Bob, well done for sending out your work. It will be an exciting few months waiting for responses! No, you won’t be charged up front by an agent (or at least not a reputable one). They will only take a percentage – usually around 15% I believe – when you get paid. This way it is in the agent’s interest to get you published. When you earn, they earn!

  3. Say Lou, FYI…maybe you already know. Editor@pantsonfire is non responsive. I did what they suggested and sent an imbedded chapter in the query email text plus an attached illustration and the email service, in Enland? tried three times over a week to send it …unsuccessfully. Then I tried to send email with no imbedding or attachments and it ccame back too. Are they for real?

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