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Maverick accepting unsolicited manuscripts for picture books

Thanks to reader Kaytie for spotting another children’s publisher to add to our list!  Maverick publish a range of lively and colourful picture books.  They are looking for quirky, interesting reads with strong storylines.  As a guide, their books are usually 32 pages long and no longer than 1,200 words and they prefer text only, not illustrations.  Email submissions are preferred as pdf or Word attachments together with a covering letter or email, but you can also submit by post.  Find all the details on their submissions page.

And lastly:


If you like to write stories that rhyme,

Most publishers have to decline.

Though your verse may fill them with delight

They must consider foreign rights,

And your carefully crafted creation

Loses something in translation.


But sometimes a publisher will have a go –

At the back of their mind there’s a Gruffalo –

And I’m happy to tell you that Maverick

Will consider your stanzas, so make ’em slick!

(If your rhyming, like mine, just gets rubbisher,

You may not find a publisher!)


7 thoughts on “Maverick accepting unsolicited manuscripts for picture books

  1. I am from Ohio in the US. I just recently sent in a submission to Maverick. I have also written and put together black & white conceptual drawings for this picture book. I choose Maverick to submit to because they do accept rhyming picture book submissions. Not many agents do these days. This is the first time I have submitted outside the US. It is quite the adventure searching for an agent. You have to have a thick skin for rejection and a real love and passion for what you do. I’ve learned a lot through my years of attempting to get published with other material including cartoon panels and strips. But I must say the learning never stops.Thanks for the information.

    1. You are so right, Keith! As a writer you need to have the combination of a thin skin (the ability to emphathise and immerse yourself in other characters and situations) and at the same time a thick skin for being able to take all those rejections and turn them into something positive. And the love and passion for what we do makes this somehow possible. Good luck with Maverick.

  2. Thanks for the comment Lou… Finding a Literary Agent or Publisher has become even more daunting it appears to me these days because of the ease the Internet has given everyone to submit material through e-mail. Agents and Publishers are flooded with submissions. Also with the increased amount of celebrities, famous spots people and reality stars writing books about their lives or other subjects, their names and celebrity status sells books. With that said, you really have to be on your craft to compete for the small amount of spots left. I’ve been at this for 30 years with cartoon panels and strips and now children’s books. I’ve written 2 others with each folder also filled with rejections. The one I’m submitting now is the first one I’ve also illustrated with black and white drawings. All of us out here appreciate that you share your knowledge and experience with us, it really does help. If it’s OK I’ll share how my search goes every now and again if anything new comes up. Have a great day and we’ll all keep writing and creating because that is what we do.

  3. Thank you lou, this is a great find. I finished my picture book ‘The White Bobbadus’ in 2007 and I’ve came so close to getting her published over the past six years maybe maverick maybe my silver lining

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