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Strange Chemistry open their doors (briefly!) to unsolicited manuscripts

Good news for authors of young adult fantasy and sci-fi.  Exciting new imprint Strange Chemistry (offspring of the adult sci-fi publisher Angry Robots) are opening their doors to unsolicited manuscripts between 16 and 30 April 2012.  This is a great opportunity to submit directly to a serious and ambitious publisher.

Take a very careful look at their submission guidelines and follow them to the letter to increase your chances.  Note, for example, that they specify single spacing, not double.  And the length of your novel should be around 60-90 K words, which is quite beefy for YA.  You should not submit until 16 April at the earliest, and then only do so by visiting the site and using their upload system.

In the meantime I highly recommend taking a browse around the main Strange Chemistry site.   There’s some great recommendations of current and classic YA speculative fiction, reviews of last year’s releases and news of what’s up and coming – it’s sure to get you inspired.


4 thoughts on “Strange Chemistry open their doors (briefly!) to unsolicited manuscripts

  1. This is a great ‘heads up’ thank you. As well as waiting for feedback from 5 picture book submissions I am 30000 words into a YA science fiction novel. This gives me a very definite dead line to work towards now. Thank you so very much I am so glad I joined this blog.

  2. Great, Rachel! It’s always good to have a deadline looming!

    I should mention that I heard about Strange Chemistry’s open door period from shellw on the writers’ discussion forum Talkback so thank you Shell.

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