First competition entry this year?

Swanwick writers schoolThanks to writer Sally Jenkins at for reminding me of the Swanwick Summer School Competition, which closes on 30 April.  I’ve always vaguely intended to enter without ever actually doing anything about it!  With markets for children’s short stories thin on the ground, it’s great to see a competition with a section for a children’s short story (1,000 words maximum), or  alternatively the first 1,000 words of a children’s novel.  The first prize is a week at the Swanwick Summer Writing School, which sounds like absolute bliss to me, and I know people who have won categories of this competition before so there is hope!

Find the details at  There is a theme, but perhaps you have existing work that would fit it.  If not, hopefully the thought of a week away at Swanwick will inspire you!  Entry is £5 which is reasonable for a competition of this calibre.


4 thoughts on “First competition entry this year?

  1. Thanks for the post Lou; really finding your page a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge help. I write but I have never done anything with it. Never believed I could. Now I’m developing a blog and I am also in the middle of drafting a piece for the comp!
    P.s I enjoyed Fun with Derek (Feb 2011)

    1. Sounds like your writing journey is getting off to a good start, Schez! I will come and check out your blog.

      Glad you enjoyed Fun with Derek; I’m thinking about writing another instalment for the next February Femme Fatales. At least poor Derek has been put out of his misery but I suspect there will be plenty more victims with bad jumpers!

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