Christmas Pressies for Writers

Us writers are an easy bunch to buy for.  A pen that writes as smoothly as biro on banana skin, a beautiful lined hardback notepad just waiting to be filled up, and our favourite author’s new novel, are all we ask our loved ones for.  Plus maybe that new Kindle.  But as we all secretly know, the only thing we really want for Christmas is that publishing deal.  So why not promise a few Christmas presents to yourself that will help you work towards your goal?

  1. Promise that you will give yourself time to write.  Not just when you feel inspired, but a little bit of time each day you can call your own.  If it has to be on the toilet, so be it.
  2. Promise you will read as much as you can in the genre you love.  It’s the genre you’re writing in, isn’t it?  If it isn’t, why not?
  3. Follow the blogs, twitters and facebook ramblings of your favourite authors.  Social networking means you can get much nearer to the ones you idolise, in a totally non-disturbing way, of course.  Comment on a post, get involved.  Feel part of that world!  Now get down to your own writing with a bit of extra inspiration.
  4. Promise you won’t listen to that voice in your head that tells you everything you write is rubbish.  That voice needs to be sent far away.  It’s holding you back and you know it.  Try listening to the other voice, the little faint one which dares to dream.
  5. Promise you will find other writers.  They may be virtual or in the flesh.  They could be at a writers’ circle, a writing conference, a talk by an author, or on a forum.  Speaking to people who share your passion will fire yours even more.
  6. And finally, promise yourself you will enjoy your writing.  You may get rejections, lose competitions, scrap whole chapters, suffer computer crashes when you haven’t backed up, lack family support or face a dried up well of inspiration.  Find a way to get through it because writing is what you do and what you are.  And it’s wonderful.

Happy Christmas everybody!  Keep writing and submitting and have a great 2012!


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