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How to set up an Amazon Author Page

Amazon Author Central
Welcome screen for Amazon Author Central

If you are a published author, whether by mainstream means, via a small press or through self publishing (paper or electronic), you can set up an Amazon Author page.  This means that when people look at the details of your book they will see your name, photograph and a link to your own area where you can tell your readers more about  yourself and your writing.

As a fairly new venture, Amazon Author Central has had some teething problems with several authors I know of finding it impossible to set up.  I have also had trouble adding books which only appear on the US site.  The concept is still in beta (meaning it’s not fully polished yet and may be subject to further changes.)  It should all be running smoothly soon, though.  Meanwhile I thought I’d post this guide in case it’s of help to anybody.

  1. Go to ( in the US).
  2. Click on the Join Author Central button.
  3. Enter the email address you use for Amazon and your Amazon account number.  If you aren’t a member of Amazon you will need to join, but you can do that here too.
  4. You are now at the Welcome screen.  Click on Author Central Profile.
  5. You can now add information to 5 sections: Biography, Events, Photos, Video and Twitter.  To add new information, click the small blue Add prompt at the side of each section.
  6. At the top of this page you will see the second tab from the left is called Books.  Click on this.
  7. Now click on Add Books.  Amazon will search for books you are credited with, or you can search by title or ISBN.  If you aren’t already linked with that book (for example, if it’s an anthology* and only the editor is listed), Amazon will ask if you would like them to add the book.  They will then check to see if your claim is correct.  It usually takes a few days, and sometimes you need to produce proof (such as a contract or confirmation email).
  8. You’ll have to wait a few days now for your page to be updated.
  9. You can also use Author Central to check your sales and any customer reviews.  Just click on the blue tabs at the top of the screen.  The Help section is pretty handy too.
  10. Here’s my page:  Hopefully one day it will be full of books with just my name on the cover!

Unfortunately as far as I understand it Amazon will only credit the first five authors who add the anthology to their author page.  This will hopefully change in the future.


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