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Beware, Fangtales is coming!

Fangtales edited by Berni Stevens
Fangtales - coming out in October 2011 from Wyvern Publications

I am thrilled to be included in the latest Young Adult anthology from Wyvern Publications, coming out in October 2011.  I’ve just been sent a pdf of the cover, shown here, and it looks fabulous.  Wyvern are aiming to produce a new ‘tales’ anthology regularly; Mertales and Dragontales were the first.  Vampires are as popular as ever at the moment due to the talents of current authors like Stephanie Meyer, Darren Shan and LJ Smith – and of course the brilliant Anne Rice.  The editor of Fangtales requested traditional vampires rather than the shimmering, sensitive types so with Fangtales you are asssured of vampire fiction with a bite.  I can’t wait to read the other stories – and of course dress up in some vampire togs for the launch!


2 thoughts on “Beware, Fangtales is coming!

  1. Hi Lou! So nice to find another author featured in Fangtales, yay! I’m happy to be included with you and so many other talented authors in this anthology. I’m looking forward to reading yours and everyone else’s stories, too 😀 I hope you have fun at the launch party, wish I could be there.

    Oh! By the way, I *love* your quote: “…with Fangtales you are assured of vampire fiction with a bite” Nice! 😀

    Hope you have a great day,

    Kelly ^_^

  2. Thanks Kelly, I can’t wait to read it either! Unfortunately I can’t make the launch party now as I have to be elsewhere (mysterious – possible vampiric assignation…?). I shall just have to have a little celebration of my own at home – maybe on Halloween, just to be extra ghoulish! Your story sounds really interesting (I peeked on your blog).

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