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Get Writing – okay, then!

Tomorrow I will be going to the Get Writing 2011 conference at Hertfordshire University organised by Veralum Writers Circle and I can’t wait!  I love mingling with other writers, browsing the book stalls, hearing some great speakers and generally being inspired.  I also have a three minute session with Scott Pack of Harper Collins’ The Friday Project, and I shall be asking him some pertinent questions about blogging, which I will be sharing with you later.  These three minute pitch sessions are a form of speed dating, with authors pitching like mad and practically being dragged away from their ‘dates’ when their time is up, sometimes even going off for a good cry afterwards.  So this year I have opted out of pitching and will be calmly asking a few questions and generally being relaxed – wait!  That can’t be three minutes already!  How dare you manhandle me like this?  Get off!  Just one more minute!  Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!


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