Movin’ on up

I am proud to announce that I have moved to 38th in the rankings at Write Invite due to a surprise win last week!

It was very exciting being shortlisted in the final three and then waiting for the votes to come in.  You can read my story ‘Over ‘ at  Looking back over it now there’s plenty I would change, but with only 30 minutes to work with you have to accept you aren’t going to come up with a polished piece of prose.  In fact, I wasn’t very happy with my entry at all when I wrote it, whereas the week before I was convinced I was going to do well.  It all goes to show that sometimes it is impossible to predict what is going to work, and you should always silence the critic in your head that says something’s rubbish (well, listen to him first, make some changes and then tell him to shut up!).  What counts is having the experience, making the effort, submitting and getting yourself out there.  Learn on the way, improve but most of all enjoy the experience.

I will be putting my £40 prize towards my Winchester Writing Festival fees.  I will not spend it all at Hobbycraft.  Oh all right, some of it.


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