Write Invite – Great for Swots!

Anyone who, like me, loved the composition part of their English language exam (“More paper please, Miss!”) should make a date with Write Invite on a Saturday night at

Every Saturday at 5:30 pm writers from around the world (time zones permitting) take part in a live, online writing competition.  Themes are only revealed at 5:30 and entrants have half an hour (less if they haven’t prepaid) to write on one of the three themes while the click ticks down.

CONS:  Nerves (the recurring dream of retaking those exams comes to mind); the challenge; a £3 entry fee.

PROS:  Nerves (you have to conquer them sometime); the challenge; £40 prize money for the winning story.

Plus you get ranked according to the number of times you enter, the times you vote for a winner from the shortlist, and any 1st, 2nd or 3rd places.  And who doesn’t like to work their way up the rankings?

NB I am 63rd.


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