Children's Author Lou Treleaven at the reading event at Hay's Galleria
Photograph by Brendan Bell

Hello, I’m Lou Treleaven and I write picture books, junior fiction and early readers published by Maverick Arts Publishing, including the Penpals on Pluto series.  I also run a critique service for writers and enjoy writing plays and sketches.  My latest book  is the picture book The Knight Who Might illustrated by Kyle Beckett.

You can email me at lou.treleaven@sky.com, or click on the links for events (including school author visits), book news or critiques.  If you are reading my books at school or at home, check out my free resources for some fun creative activities.


The next instalment of Turns Out I’m an Alien is out now!  Turns Out I’m an Evil Alien Emperor gives away the plot in its title and is a ridiculously silly space adventure that manages to out-silly the silliness of the first book by quite a long way.  In fact it’s so silly that the release was postponed just to add some extra silliness!  Check out the covers by James Lancett below.

“My superpower is that I can turn into a slug, isn’t it?”
“Technically it’s less of a superpower, more of an allergy.”

Turns Out I’m an Alien

Jasper’s life is as normal as can be until he discovers his foster parents have been withholding a massive secret from him: he’s actually an alien.  Suddenly he’s launched into a crazy outer space adventure with his foster sister, Holly, but the evil Andromedan emperor is closing in. Can Jasper liberate his home planet, the Milky Way and save his parents before the emperor gets there first?

Turns Out I’m an Evil Alien Emperor

Jasper’s settling into life with two sets of parents, but not two sets of pocket money.  Oh, and being an alien.  It seems everything’s back to normal until Holly drags him to a Harry Handsome concert… and that’s not the worst part.  This devious pop star slash alien secret agent seems to be up to something – and it involves brainwashing the entire planet!